Unbelievable Pro Stain & Odor remover 32oz


The name says it all - Performance! This remarkable spotter delivers outstanding results on any type of stain, while also permanently eliminating odors. It incorporates special agents that repel stains, preventing them from reappearing. What's more, it continues to work its magic as it dries. This versatile product works exceptionally well as a pretreatment for clothing and is safe for use on most surfaces.

When it comes to performance specifications and health and safety, this spotter checks all the boxes. It maintains a neutral pH and has low VOC levels, ensuring a safe and environmentally friendly formula. It's incredibly easy to use. Designed for general spotting, it can be used on soft fibers and fabrics. It effectively removes tough stains such as blood, coffee, betadine, wine, iodine, and tea without setting them. Plus, it leaves no residue behind and helps protect against re-soiling. Rest assured, it won't damage carpet glue.

Ideal for various settings including restaurants, hotels, offices, retail stores, and nursing homes, this spotter is a time and labor-saving solution.