UNBELIEVABLE! Super Concentrated Desert Rain deodorizer & multi-purpose cleaner. This 1gal makes 256 gallons.

$42.98 $36.99

Introducing UNBELIEVABLE Dessert Rain, the versatile multi-purpose cleaner that not only effectively tackles the toughest cleaning challenges but also leaves behind a refreshing and enduring clean scent. Its SUPER concentrated formula ensures that you only need to clean once to achieve that sparkling freshness that everyone will surely notice. With no sticky residue left behind, this cleaner ensures a thorough and complete clean.

This concentrated formula is highly efficient, making up to 256 gallons of cleaning solution. It's a liquid cleaner and deodorizer that contains built-in odor counteractants that encapsulate odor molecules, targeting and eliminating them at the source instead of just masking them. After cleaning, there is no soapy or slippery residue left, making it easy and safe to use. Dessert Rain is VOC compliant, meaning it contains low levels of volatile organic compounds.

What sets this cleaner apart is its ability to effectively neutralize malodors by bonding with them at a molecular level. This feature ensures that it continues to work long after the initial fragrance has dissipated, keeping your space smelling fresh and clean.